0 to 10,000

0 to 10,000. No this is not some insane acceleration figure of some super car. It is the number of hits that the blog Tech for Enterprise have received in the first 8 months.

What is so big about that? Nothing really, if you look at the macro picture. In this age when every other month a new app is getting a few million hits / downloads in the first few days, this is hardly a ripple in a ocean. Ripple it might be, but it is my doing. I did it in my terms and am feeling mildly proud of it at the moment.

The shot to fame of this blog are quite a few. 
  1. At last count, 14 articles of this blog have been published at dzone and these articles have generated a staggering 50,000 (approx) page hits (these do not include the 10,000 of this blog). 
  2. The folks at Java Code Geeks have also entered a contract to reproduce articles from this blog at their site. They have reproduced 12 articles from this blog and that has also generated around 11,000 hits on their site. (Thanks Ilias @ JavaCodeGeeks for fetching this data for me.)
  3. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the content of this blog have been referred to at SpringSource a couple of times (link). 
  4. Needless to say, all this has meant that I have come in contact with similar minded technocrats from all across the world. These online contacts have been a source of many, very interesting conversations that have definitely left me more humble and hopefully more knowledgeable person. 
I also want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of certain two individuals as far as this blog is concerned. One is my manager, who after an intense debate almost a year back, convinced me that there is value in visibility when attained for correct reasons and by right means. Thanks sir. Another is my colleague, friend and neighbor at office, who have put up with my techno geek ramblings for well over a year now, for absolutely no fault of his and have managed to keep a straight face for most of this duration. Thanks mate, for bearing with me.