Move to Maven 3.0.4

Have you updated to Maven 3.0.4 yet? 1.1 It's been available in Maven Central since 17-Jan-2012.

I have been using Maven for ages now. I was running on 3.0.3 till last week. Being a Maven evangelist it is unlike of me to have not moved onto the latest version for so long. But I did linger on with 3.0.3 longer than I was comfortable. And the reason was whenever I tried to move to 3.0.4 it will simply not download the dependencies, while working behind proxy. I would get a long list of warnings and errors starting with the following.

Failed to retrieve plugin descriptor …

This was irritating to say the least. This weekend I rolled up my sleeves and set out to find what I was doing wrong. Turned out my beloved Maven was doing it wrong this time – and not me for a change, which is good. Apparently they did not add a jar that is required for working behind proxy [JIRA].

So, what do we do to fix it? Like most of the thing with Maven, it is quite simple. Download the requisite jar. Copy it at [your directory structure]\apache-maven-3.0.4\lib\ext. And that's it. You are all set. Start using Maven the way you have always done.

A humble request to Maven guys – we all know what an awesome job you have done and continue to do. Guess it is only normal to have a couple of bugs like this slip through. However, it has been there for six months now. Fix it please. I have been a passionate evangelist of this software and it helps my job if things like this do not linger on.

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  1. Thanks for your article. I had the same problem with Maven 3.1.1. But adding this jar to lib/ext fixed the problem